The Brand caters to active, energetic, sporty modern women who value a versatile style.  The brand's aesthetic is bold and unique yet practical and functional. Jeanne Baret is aimed at the independent explorers of today, who use day-to-day life as an opportunity for physical and cultural journeys.

Jeanne Baret is a brand inspired by the French explorer and botanist of the same name, who became the first woman to circumnavigate the globe in the late 1700s. She bravely disguised herself as a man to become part of the crew. During the journey, she discovered a new flower in Rio de Janeiro, which she named Bougainvillea after the captain of the expedition. Jeanne Baret was a woman ahead of her time, challenging laws in the late 1700s to follow her passion. She is among a group of women who left an indelible mark in history, not just for her botanical discoveries but, most of all, for her bravery in challenging the status quo at the time.

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Today Jeanne Baret is the modern woman who wants to explore herself  and the world with self-knowledge and curiosity. Jeanne Baret is a versatile collection that does not give up its feminine side, glamorous and at the same time practical. It is expressed in a style designed for different occasions of use to make every woman always feel at ease in an urban setting or in the discovery of new emotions.

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Garments designed for women who, while yearning for freedom of movement, tap into their sense of adventure every day and in every situation, whether they’re in town or the great outdoors. The sporty-chic style of these multifunctional garments, complete with ample pockets and zips, stands out thanks to the light weight and technical appearance of the fabrics used, which are naturally soft and highly wearable.

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Looks to wear in town or for outdoor trips. Versatile, functional garments carefully designed in terms of shape and fit, perfect throughout the day for globetrotters in search of pieces that are both comfortable and elegantly feminine. Featuring Supima cotton fleece and jersey, the very concept of cut-and-sewn knitwear has evolved, supporting day-to-day travel without compromising on performance or style.

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Clothing that combines innovation, style, quality and sustainability. Perfect for challenging journeys in the great outdoors and exploring cities. Tailor-made for women who want to feel their sense of adventure pervading their skin, while prioritising organic fibres and natural fabrics like cotton and linen. The use of stretchy parachute canvas makes various garments soft and durable.

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